School Bus Conversion

We have just began shopping for our new house. Although not conventionally thought of as a house, we are excited about the idea of starting our first school bus conversion. We will outline the process with as many pictures and details as possible. Below is a first draft of the interior layout which will probably be edited many times before the renovation begins. It will be an interesting project to get a family of 11 into a 320 sq/ft living space.

We are hoping to purchase a Thomas square nose school bus at the local auction over the next month or so. We decided on the "square nose" over the "dog nose" style because of the perception of the latter. Many people, and RV parks, consider the "dog nose" style to be "hippie buses". RV parks have been known to turn these so called "hippie buses" away because of their reputation and often haphazard appearance.

We are fortunate to live in a major center with monthly industrial auctions. The model of bus we want is readily available on a regular basis for around $500 depending on mileage. By the new year we will have secured our new bus and will start posting regular detailed updates, with pictures and video, in this section of our blog.

Thanks for reading,